Galdson (Spain)

Composer and pianist Vicente Orjales Galdo (Galdson) from Spain recorded a song with his new FEURICH 218 – Concert I.

“The FEURICH 218 Concert I has marked a revolution in my musical creations. It is an endless source of inspiration. The many sonic nuances it offers, the richness of its harmonic content, and the flexibility of its dynamic range – all guide me and help considerably when composing. After so many years of dedication to the piano, it took me by surprise to encounter so many new possibilities on an instrument which was much beyond what I had experienced before. The FEURICH 218 represents a “before and after” in my relation with the piano.”

Galdson is a composer from Ortigueira, in the north of Spain. He began his studies at the age of 10, attending private classes given by Maruxa Lema. Years later he developed his studies further in the conservatories of Viviero and A Coruña.

Since the beginning, he has been drawn towards creating simplistic works for the piano, as this was something which felt natural to him. As he continued to develop his technique, his compositions became more complex and profound. After many years of composition and experimentation, he released his album “Roots”, which was very well-received. As well as over half a million downloads on the platform Jamendo, the album has been used in numerous commercial projects for audiovisual productions.

Galdson currently teaches music, as well as continuing to develop his compositions for piano.

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