FEURICH Team of Experts

To bring innovations to life requires people with great visions, and the character to become a master of their craft in every detail. We are proud to present our international team of experts, consisting of genuine masters of their trade who work relentlessly to find new solutions and explore new avenues in their art.

Driving this team of experts, is the continual support and passion for the piano of the entire FEURICH team.

Jörg Wachler

Chief Piano Voicer FEURICH Vienna & Concert Tuner
Jörg Wachler is responsible for the final preparation of the pianos at the FEURICH production facilities in Vienna. He is continuously involved in developing new techniques in the world of piano sound and voicing, and is constant dialogue with our team and the many FEURICH partners worldwide, in order to share and develop this knowledge. More about Jörg Wachler

Sibin Zlatkovic

Chief Piano Voicer & Concert Tuner
Sibin Zlatkovic is responsible for the training and development of our piano technicians, and all FEURICH partners worldwide. Together with Jörg Wachler and Stéphane Boussuge, he leads our technical team in terms of sound expertise and piano preparation. He works to achieve the best possible dynamic range, a long and warm tone, and a rich variety of colours from our pianos––the typical Viennese sound. More about Sibin Zlatkovic


Chief Piano Voicer & Concert Tuner
Stéphane Boussuge has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in piano voicing, regulation and tuning, and is responsible for the preparation of FEURICH instruments in Vienna. His work amazes both pianists and piano technicians all over the world. More about Stéphane Boussuge

Vladislav Mikucionok
Piano Technician and Master Piano Builder, FEURICH Production Vienna

Vladislav Mikucionok is a piano technician and the leader of our production centre in Vienna. His father, the master piano builder Oleg Mikucionok, passes on his knowledge to the next generation and trains our apprentices in the factory in Vienna. More about Vladislav and Oleg Mikucionok


Project Management & Communication

Wang Jing is responsible for communication, cooperation projects, and adult education. More about Wang Jing

Udo Kamm_FEURICH-Expert

Master Piano Builder and artificer, Kirchhain/Deutschland
Udo Kamm is a brilliant inventor and mastermind behind many innovations in the world of acoustic pianos. More about Udo Kamm

Claire Paulello

Claire Paulello

Piano Designer, Villethierry, France.
Claire Paulello a qualified casing constructor and has vast experience in technical drawing. Through hands-on experience of restoring numerous instruments, she has acquired a deep understanding of the relation between form and material. She is a specialist in 2D and 3D computer drawings in piano design.

Stephen Paulello

Concert Pianist and Piano Builder, Villethierry, France.
Since 2006, Stephen Paulello has supported FEURICH in the areas of piano design and can be considered the innovator-par-exellence in classic piano building. The FEURICH 218 – Concert I was built by him and his wife Claire Paulello. The innovative 4th pedal, the “Harmonic Pedal” as well as many other key elements of the FEURICH instruments were designed by him. More about Stephen Paulello

Jörg Hauser_FEURICH-Expert

Master piano and harpsichord builder, Aldingen, Germany.
Jörg Hauser is part of the FEURICH technical development team and is responsible for many of the innovations seen in the new FEURICH pianos. For instance, the Swabian Pedal System and the simple dissassembly of the piano casing are among his great contributions to modern piano design. More about Jörg Hauser