Piano 115 – Premiere

As the most compact upright in the FEURICH range of pianos, this instrument is perfect for modern city living, where space is at a premium.

Piano 122 – Universal

Our prize-winning best seller. With sophisticated technical components and elegant design, this upright overshadows many small grand pianos.

Piano 125 – Design

The FEURICH 125 – Design is a bigger and more technically elaborate version of the best-selling FEURICH 122 – Universal.

Piano 133 – Concert

Our largest upright, the FEURICH 133 – Concert, delivers exceptional bass response and a large sound which out-performs many small grand pianos.


Grand Piano 162 – Dynamic I

The FEURICH 162 – Dynamic I is one of the few examples of a small and solidly built grand piano that can deliver a quality and complete bass tonal range.

Grand Piano 179 – Dynamic II

The extended width of this piano allows a wonderful, long-sustaining sound with a rich and full bass tone. Even better than its predecessor, the Model 178.

Grand Piano 218 – Concert I

The unique construction of this semi concert grand piano sets completely new quality and sound standards––designed by Stephen Paulello.