At FEURICH, we invest all of our energy in the continual development and improvement of our instruments. We are always happy to learn that more and more pianists are discovering the FEURICH brand for themselves. We have put together this compilation of references so that you can get a feel for what our pianos are capable of.


diapason D'OR, LOGO

Awards are not really our kind of thing, but there are a couple which we are very proud of. The Diapason D’OR is one of the most prestigious awards in the classical music world, and we have been honoured by them three times. Our newest piano, the FEURICH Mod. 123 – Vienna, has been awarded the Pianiste Maestro prize.

From schools and universities to world-famous stages and jazz clubs––here we present a few of the many locations around the world which depend on the sound and reliability of FEURICH pianos.

FEURICH Mod. 179 -  Dynamic II, Museumsquartier Wien 3

FEURICH is available all over the world––and can be found in action in many diverse genres. Our pianos have made their contribution to the success of many events worldwide, and here we would like to show you some of them.

Julian le Play

For many years, there have been many well-known artists who have chosen FEURICH for their piano. The first sitting at a FEURICH piano normally produces a reaction of suprise, then intrigue, and finally fascination. That’s why more and more artists are falling in love with our pianos.

Matthew Shipp

We could talk to you for hours about our pianos. But how it actually feels to play a FEURICH piano, can be explained much better by the professionals, customers, and partners who use them.