Creative and new approaches to piano building are the result of combining traditional and modern construction methods in every stage of piano production. Using high-tech machines in combination with technical expertise and detailed quality control ensures excellence in serial production pianos.


FEURICH Mod. 123 - Vienna, Stuart Conaghan

In order to provide our customers with the best possible piano, we focus on research, innovation and continual development, at our factory in Vienna. We would also like to make a contribution to the city of Vienna, by strengthening the centuries-old tradition of piano building seen in the city.

Ningbo Production

FEURICH started producing pianos in Ningbo, China, in 2003. The high-precision CNC machines there made it possible to produce the complete selection of components required for piano building. The FEURICH production line at Ningbo is characterised by assembly procedures using the highest-precision CNC machines and the use of carefully chosen raw materials, as well as attention to detail in quality control.