Self-Playing Systems

It plays as if by magic…

The Pianoforce Self-Player System can be installed in our workshop in Vienna.

The piano can play itself, or can be played as normal, and it can also record and play back. In addition, the system contains integrated loudspeakers which can be used to play along with any kind of recorded music.

An enormous library of music is included, and many more can be found on the internet from various producers.

Not just for FEURICH pianos

The player system can be controlled by iPhone, Android, or remote control.

The main advantage to the Pianoforce system is that its self-calibrating system means that it requires very little maintenance. This high quality system is also very reasonably-priced.

The self playing system can be installed in any FEURICH piano and also in most pianos by other manufacturers. For enquiries, please contact us.

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