A Brand New Concert Grand for Paul Barton

Paul Barton is famous for playing the piano for a large online community as well as for large terrestrial mammals in Thailand. Now his trusty piano got replaced by FEURICH Vienna.

Due to the pandemic, it was impossible for FEURICH piano technicians to visit Paul in Bangkok in order to properly maintain his grand piano as Thailand closed its borders to visitors early in 2020. Therefore, it was time to say goodbye to the early brass version of the FEURICH 218 that was featured in countless video on Paul’s channel, and wait for its replacement.

The new piano has a grey iron frame, which gives it a contemporary feel. The piano will need to acclimatise to Thailand’s tropical climate, several tunes after the long journey and the Renner hammers, voicing. This piano has premium quality nickel coated strings by Stephen Paulello, which are well suited to Thailand’s humid climate: https://www.stephenpaulello.com/en/cordes.