FEURICH Competition 2019

Musicians from all over the world presented their talent at the final round of the 4th International FEURICH Competition for piano, voice, and chamber music in Vienna

75 finalists from 31 countries – from Lithuania to Korea, from South Africa to Kazakhstan – have shown that music is the universal language of the world. Moreover, age knows no bounds: this year there were pianists from 7 to 70 years.

The FEURICH Competition is a celebration of music and at the same time a chance for young talents to demonstrate their prowess to a professional jury.

FEURICH is the initiator of the competition and provides cash prizes of 5,000 euros total for young musicians. Another sponsor is the Prayner Conservatory, who opened their wonderful Ehrbar Hall for the final gala concert. Thank you very much!

Special thanks go to our numerous partners, who support us with prize money and invitations to concert performances:

  • «Adilia Alieva International Piano Competition» in Annemasse/Geneva (France/Switzerland)
  • «CLAVIS Piano Festival“ in Reichersbeuern (Germany) and St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • «Elena Cobb Star Prize Winners Concert» in the London Royal Albert Hall (UK)
  • «Klassiek op het Amstelveld» in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • «Stage4Kids» in Hamburg (Germany)

Congratulations to all prize winners!

For more detailed information, please see competition.feurich.com