Perfección de artesanía tradicional, combinada con el amor por el piano y una gran cantidad de innovaciones. Estos son los pianos FEURICH.

Ya sea un piano de cola o un piano vertical: disfrute el toque preciso y el sonido matizado. Experimente cómo suena la pasión, desde el pianissimo hasta fortissimo, desde el bajo profundo hasta los registros más altos.
Bienvenidos a FEURICH!



The austrian TV channel OKTO realised a short documentary movie about the Feurich competition at the Ehrbar Hal including an interview with the ogranizer of the event, Mrs. Elena Tolstykh and Mrs. Viola Stepanik.

‘re:petions’ Ensemble Platypus plays pieces commisiond for the FEURICH 123 – Vienna with KAMM Action

Concert pianist Veronika Kopjovais is explaining the unique experience of playing the FEURICH 123 – Vienna with double repetition.

Cannes 2022: Triangle of Sadness wins Palme d´or

Ruben Östlund wins the Palme d´or of Cannes Film Festival 2022 with his movie Triangle of Sadness. Beside stars like Woody Harrelson a grand piano FEURICH Mod. 179 – Dynamic II with integrated self-playing mechanism is staring in one of the key scenes.

Concert for Ukraine performed in the Nizio Gallery in Warsaw

Concert for Ukraine with Patrycja Betely, Karolina Cicha, Natalia Shylova, Emil Chrol, Agnieszka Kozlo, Katarzyna Sokolowska, Agnieszka Wilczynska, Kasia Pietrzko, Piotr Rozanksi and Grzegorz Mania in Warsaw.

Fundraising show on greek television ERT for civilians and refugees in Ukraine.

Nikos Portokaloglou, Rena Morfi and more than 40 artists sang at a fundraising show for civilians and refugees in Ukraine on greek television ERT.

Tabasalu Muusika – ja Kunstikool Music School

The Tabasalu Muusika – ja Kunstikool, a Music School located in Harjumaa, Estonia, received a new FEURICH 179 grand piano.