Amy Butler (United Kingdom)

Pianist Amy Butler and cellist Thomas Bertolotti played an intersting programme at the Howdenshire Piano Appeal in Great Britain.

Amy Butler

«It has been a joy to perform on a FEURICH 218 Concert I grand piano. I found the action very responsive and even. The bass is wonderfully rich and resonant, with great clarity; the treble has a beautiful bell-like quality, and the whole instrument has an impressively wide dynamic range, allowing a fantastic variety of colours to be achieved! Ideal for both solo repertoire and chamber music.»

Amy Butler

Howdenshire Music Project

Amy Butler performed at Howden Minster on a FEURICH 218 Concert I grand piano, generously supplied by FEURICH-Vienna for this year’s Howdenshire Music Project concert series.

If you enjoy the concert, please consider to donating to the Howdenshire Piano Appeal. Howdenshire Music Project is raising money for a permanent new community grand piano, to be based in Howden Minster and to be freely enjoyed by everyone – community groups, musicians, school groups and young people – as well as securing the future of the free lunchtime concert series and allowing other exciting musical events to take place.

You can donate online via:

Or if preferred, please send a cheque made payable to ‘Howdenshire Music Project’ to 15 Kensington Gardens, Howden, East Yorkshire, DN14 7JN.

To see the backstory of the FEURICH grand piano arriving at the venue, click the video below.