FEURICH Competition 2020 POSTPONED!

Unfortunately, we need to postpone the FEURICH Competition due to the corona crisis.

We will inform you as soon as we have a new date for the FEURICH Competition.

FEURICH is the initiator of the competition and provides cash prizes of 5,000 euros total for young musicians.

In addition, the winners named by the jury will be awarded special prices in the form of invitations to perform in various concerts and festivals. Our partners are:

  • “Adilia Alieva International Piano Competition” in Annemasse/Geneva (France/Switzerland)
  • “CLAVIS Piano Festival” in Reichersbeuern (Germany) and St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • “Earth of Children” Music Festival in St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • “Spivakov-Foundation” in Moscow (Russia)
  • “Stage4Kids” in Hamburg (Germany)

Register now!

For more information and for online registration, please go to http://competition.feurich.com/