Cannes 2022: Triangle of Sadness wins Palme d´or

Ruben Östlund wins the Palme d´or of Cannes Film Festival 2022 with his movie Triangle of Sadness. Beside stars like Woody Harrelson a grand piano FEURICH Mod. 179 – Dynamic II with integrated self-playing mechanism is staring in one of the key scenes.

New video out!

The FEURICH 123 – Vienna is our most innovative upright piano – but does it really play like a grand piano?

앤디 리 랭 (Andy Lee Lang)

서러브레드 록큰롤러는 제리 리 루이스(Jerry Lee Lewis), 척 베리(Chuck Berry), 죠지 헤리슨(George Harrison)및 펫츠 도미노(Fats Domino)와 같은 수많은 음악-아이콘과 함께 연주 해 왔습니다.