The 2nd International FEURICH Competition 2017

The success of the 2016 debut spread like wildfire around the world. Around 70 talented participants from 28 countries came to Vienna to take part in the 2nd International FEURICH Competition for Piano, Voice and Chamber Music, in summer 2017.

Elena Tolstykh, the director of the music school Spielstatt, had made preparations for every aspect of the competition. From arrival in Vienna, to accommodation, masterclasses and workshops, rehearsal roooms, exciting visits to Viennesse landmarks, up to the final concert in the famous Billroth-Hall in Vienna.

Participants made new friends with other musicians, and the constant smile on their faces was testiment to the joy they experienced in making music, experiencing new approaches to music, and seeing all cultural barriers disappear. The main ideas which define the FEURICH competition are: no pressure to perform, no wandering around lost in an unfamiliar city, have a great experience and at the same time put your talents to the test!

Aside from the grand prize, once again there were various other prizes up for grabs. For example, there was a special award for creativity. The prizes often carried offers of concert performances in international venues.

Before we begin the registration process for the 3rd FEURICH Competition, we would like to show you a few impressions from 2017.


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