Testimonials: Matthew Shipp (USA)

Matthew Shipp talks about his concert on the FEURICH 218 – Concert I

Matthew Shipp about the FEURICH Model 218: “Like a horse!”

Matthew Shipp is one of the greats in modern improvised music, known for his unique sound and approach to piano playing. He has developed his own individual technique, and he is part of a small elite of pianists who are instantly recognisable when heard. Always looking forward, he has also drawn influence from electronic and hip-hop music in addition to the standard jazz repertoire.

Matthew Shipp played the FEURICH 218 – Concert I at his recent duo performance with Ivo Perelmann “Live at Martinschlössel” in Vienna 23.5.2017. His words about the piano were as spontaneous as his music: “When I first hit it, it was like damn, like wow! This piano really gives you a kick – it’s like a horse, you know. You hit it and it comes back at you. It’s got a really nice action and rhythmic force in the bass register.”

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