Testimonials: Alejandro Geberovich (Argentina)

Our concert grand FEURICH 218 – Concert I is ideal for medium-sized concert halls. Alejandro Geberovich puts it through its paces…

Alejandro Geberovich recommends the FEURICH 218 – Concert I

Alejandro Geberovich on the FEURICH 218 – Concert I

The Argentinian pianist Alejandro Geberovich came to Vienna to study at the University for Music and Preforming Arts, and ended up staying here teaching masterclasses for concert pianists in the university. In addition to being an in-demand international concert pianist (Wiener Symphoniker, Vienna Chamber Orchestra etc), he is also active as a composer and musicologist.

“And now, I have the chance to play on this marvellous instrument, and I have to say that the more I play it, the more I like it. It is an instrument which responds very well, and with which you can create many different colours––and that’s something which is very important. It has a sound which is long and sustained, and an action which responds very well, very quickly, and in this sense I like it a lot. That is, I felt very comfortable playing it.”

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