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Christian Vaida:“我当场就购买了弗尔里希三角琴218 – 演奏会I型……直到今天,它的声音仍然是我听到过的三角琴里最美妙的。”


我们的弗尔里希合作伙伴钢琴实验室用一台“巧克力中的钢琴”超越了自我:一台弗尔里希立式琴122– 广博型,被包裹在70公斤的美味巧克力中!

Testimonials: Matthew Shipp (USA)

Free Jazz icon Matthew Shipp played on our FEURICH 218 – Concert I at a concert in Vienna: “This piano really gives you a kick – it’s like a horse, you hit it and it comes back at you.”

Ina Regen

In her very first solo project, “Wie a Kind“ (Like A Child), Ina Regen plays a FEURICH grand piano, and takes the Austrian charts by storm.

Axel Wolph Portrait

Axel Wolph

“The balanced, and multi-faceted sound of the FEURICH 133 has convinced me, and many of the other musicians who have played it in my studio.“

Astaire la Vista

Astaire la Vista lives his passion for tap dancing. He delights audiences on the stage with his hommage to Fred Astaire, and his FEURICH piano.