Paul Barton

Paul Barton is from Yorkshire, England. After studying art at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, he decided to start a career as a concert pianist. Although his brilliant performances quickly helped him on his way to the big stage, the multi-talented Englishman soon realised that this way of life was just not for him. At this point, he chose to travel to Thailand for 3 months, and work as a piano teacher. It was here that he met his wife Khwan, also an artist, and he decided to make Thailand his home. In Bangkok, he opened his own recording studio, equipped with a FEURICH 218 – Concert I.

It was here that he started a new career which has helped countless pianists over the world to develop their skills: on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, Paul provides free tutorials and interpretations of many virtuoso masterpieces from the classical music repertoire. His international fan base wait with bated breath for every new video he releases.

Paul has also had wide-reaching influence on many peoples’ lives outside the world of classical piano. In Elephant’s World, a home for rescued elephants in Thailand, he plays piano for blind animals and shows us that it is possible to interact with them in very profound and heart-warming ways. It is our pleasure to support Paul in his work––even if it means sending a piano technician to the middle of the jungle for him!

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