Testimonials: Anna Serret Almenara (Spain)

Classical Pianist Anna Serret Almenara played on our FEURICH 218 – Concert.

Anna Serret Almenara

«What I like most about my FEURICH piano is that it has the sound of the past and the future both at the same time, in the present. The velvet profoundness of its bass, the character of its high, both make me feel as if I was playing a european piano of the late XIX century, just as it sounded in that time.»

Anna Serret Almenara

Described by the press as an “optimum musician” with “unwonted abilities” and praised for her “extremely pleasant and unheard” pianism, Anna Serret Almenara stands out as a unique pianist in the international scene. Her repertoire is “impressively broad» and comprises both famous and lesser-known works from the Renaissance to nowadays. She particularly enjoys rediscovering underperformed masterworks of the past that deserve more attention and bringing them back to life in the concert stage. Anna has performed as a recitalist, soloist and chamber musician in numerous series and international music festivals in Europe, both in intimate recitals and in big halls.

She is also much sought-after as a teacher and is one the most experienced of her generation in the preparation of professional pianists and musicians given that she was appointed as a professor at Barcelona Conservatory of Music being only twenty-two years old. Anna has been invited to impart piano masterclasses in several European conservatories and universities such as London College of Music. She has been praised for her exceptional ability to convey her insights into the music and share the legacy she has received at the same time helping students to find their own voice and personality.

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