Rubber Tea

Rubber Tea  “Infusion”

Recording: Sebastian Klann
Mix: Axel Köhnken
Master: Klangquartier

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German progressive rock band Rubber Tea recorded their latest album “Infusion” using a FEURICH 218 at Klangstube studio in Bremen.

Rubber Tea’s “Infusion” is a collection of musical stories and fictional journeys which let the listener escape into the vast world of their own imagination. The manifold album artwork created by David Erzmann perfectly represents the music: Rubber Tea makes use of a wide range of musical instruments – featuring electric and acoustic guitars, fretless bass, vintage synthesizers and organ, saxophone, flute and diverse percussion, amongst others. With the help of several guest musicians the band was able to further expand their sound.

It ranges from timeless, dreamy soundscapes (Downstream) to rhythmically complex extravaganzas capturing insanity and confusion of recent history (American Dream). Alongside epic organ and guitar solos the concise voice of singer Vanessa Gross tells the most colourful stories, in a way no image or film by themselves ever could. The album rewards the attentive and curious listener with its progressive concept beyond the musical status quo.

Rubber Tea was formed in 2017 by five young musicians from Bremen, Germany. Inspired by Art- and Progressive Rock the band defies the musical status quo and regularly plays clubs and festivals like the legendary Burg Herzberg Festival. After two years of production the band finished their debut album “Infusion”. With complex soundscapes, fancy rhythms, orgiastic organ solos, delicate flute melodies and vigorous vocals Rubber Tea ensures their audience a long-lasting experience.