PianOcean – Music on Board

PianOcean is at the same time an artistic project and a sailing project. The focal point is the pianist Marieke Huysmans Berthou, her voice and her piano––a FEURICH 122 – Universal with its specially made carbon casing. PianOcean sees itself as an ambassador of free international culture upon the world’s oceans.


The historical sailing boat Lady Flow is constantly island hopping round various parts of the world. Islands are unique places, which are strongly connected with their own cultures and identification. The project aims to discover these treasures, and to inspire people to open all borders and interact with each other, through the universal language of music.

Every year in the summer, PianOcean goes on a long journey, gives concerts in various ports, and brings back with it many new musical findings from its travels. In 2017, it completed an extraordinary trip to the British Isles.


To experience the travels of PianOcean click HERE.


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