Jesper Munk at SUPERSENSE Vienna

An extraordinary event by Warner Music Austria and Radio Superfly took place at SUPERSENSE Vienna/Austria on March 20th, 2018: an analogue recording session with Jesper Munk.

A high-end stage piano was arranged at the artist’s wish, but then everything went different. After playing a few chords Jesper Munk he discovered our FEURICH 123 – Vienna, touched it softly, tried it, and let the stage-piano remove from stage without further explanation.

What followed was a rousing acoustic session of the singer-songwriter. Strictly analogue 5 songs were recorded direct to disc with a limited edition of 8 (!) pieces, hand-lettered and numbered in a uniquely designed letterpress cover. #1 is courtesy of Jesper Munk himself, #2 to #8 where sold out within hours.

Jesper Munk is a German singer-songwriter working with elements of different styles like blues, soul, rock and folk music. His debut album “For In My Way It Lies“ (2013) was acclaimed by critics. After his successful album “Claim“ (2015) he took some time off. A few days ago his third work “Favourite Stranger“ was released, so we are finally allowed to link to the top-secret acoustic session.


An audio sample of “Stranger“ can be found >>here (please scroll down).